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  •  211 PTFE Various processed products

    Fluorocarbon materials are put into secondary processing with various cutting machines. Different kinds of products are rolling formed with impurity-free materials through high precision CNC lathes (NC) and machining centers (MC) ,which are widely used in semiconductor-application based industries.


Product Name
7010 Valflon Gaskets PTFE plates are processed into designed plane shapes.
7631 Valflon V-shaped Sealing Rings PTFE plates are cut into ring products with a V-shaped cross-section. Three shapes are available, namely L shape, M shape and H shape, for the use in low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure respectively.
7645 Valflon Backup Rings PTFE plates are cut into spiral shape, single-incision shape, and seamless ring shape.
7810 Valflon Membrane PTFE and PFA are processed into designed shapes. Synthetic-rubber combined integrated products are also available.
7510 Valflon Piston Ring

PTFE filled with packing materials is processed into designed shapes.

7800 Valflon Cut Bellow Bellows made by PTFE sleeve machine. The basic helix factor is small and the number of teeth can be set freely.
7801 Valflon Cut Bellow Products with flanges mounted at both ends of No.7800.
7500 Valflon Bearing Bearings molded into designed shapes with PTFE filled with packing materials. Different packing materials can be filled according to different uses.
7160 Valflon Molded Products The general term for HPTFE molded products, which have excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance are applicable for various fields. Specific product performances can be improved through adding different filling materials.

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