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  •  211 Pipe Lining

    Valflon lined pipes and connectors employ corrosion-resistant PTFE resins free of precipitation of dissolved metal ions as the lining, which are applicable for delivery pipelines of liquid chemicals (strong acid and alkali solvents, etc.) produced by the chemical industry and the high-purity piping used in the semiconductor industry.

Product Number Product Name Content Use Size
7042-P Valflon Lined Steel Pipes (straight) Steel pipes (CS pipes, SUS pipes, etc.) with PTFE or PFA inserted in and the flaring at both ends being molded. Used in corrosive acids, alkalis and other media channels.
(When using an instance of hydrochloric acid)
·Pipeline-product hydrochloric acid recovery
·Resultant contains unreacted hydrochloric acid over the pipeline
·With hydrochloric acid as catalyst or catalyst assisted pipeline
·With wet chlorine, chlorine ethanol pipeline
·Hydrochloric acid or hydrochloric acid salt to the next step pipeline process
·Hydrochloric acid hydrolysis of metal chloride to generate the pipeline
(Using sulfuric acid, examples)
·Concentrated sulfuric acid pipeline
·Sulfuric acid as a catalyst pipeline
(Using both acid and alkaline examples)
·Pipe with high temperature hydrogen fluoride
(Industrial use case)
·Semiconductor with a liquid pipe (avoid contaminated sites)
·Food, beverage, water and other pipes
·Production of pharmaceuticals in the pipeline
Connection flange:GB