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Filler modification
Type of filler
Filler identification marks
Glass fiber 15%…2K0
Superior abrasion resistance
Superior electric properties
Vulnerable to alkali erosion
Intolerance to water abrasion
Glass fiber & graphite 20%+5%…2N1 Superior creep resistance
Improved sliding properties
Glass fiber & MoS2 15%+5%…2K7 Superior creep resistance and compressive strengthImprove Improved sliding performance
Superior electric insulation properties
Graphite 15%…1K0 Superior sliding properties
No damage to soft abrasive material
Bronze 60%…3M0 Superior creep resistance and compressive strength
Superior heat conductivity
Bronze & Carbon Fiber 3U8 Superior sliding properties in Oil
Carbon, Graphite 25%…6T0
Superior creep resistance and high temperature load resistance
Carbon Fiber 10%…8H0 Superior sliding properties in water
Superior creep resistance
Organic Filler 9A1
Stable sliding properties, and superior
creep resistance and compressibility




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